Summer Fever B​-​Sides

by Colin Nance




released 23 August 2011

These are the songs that did not make the cut for Summer Fever. Though they didn't feel right for the flow of that album, they are still very special to me and I felt they should be released. So, here they are!!!

Thank you to all those who have supported and spread the fever this summer. This has been a humbling and exciting period for me!!

Warm Regards,

*All songs written, arranged, performed, and recorded by Colin Nance*

*Sample on "Gurlz" from "Girls Got Something Boys Ain't Got" by Midnight Star



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Ronald Miller
I just want to know if I can be someone else
I just want to know if I can be someone that's better

"Saturday Night Cards" with the 'tards and Teen Queen Dreams
Telescopes, suede suits, and disillusioned cool kid scenes

I can't buy love, or something like that

Burning bridges and dissolving friendships
(but) I don't want to lose all the good things I had before

You could be anything you want but I just want to be myself
Track Name: Gurlz
Don't leave me like this
Drowning in the rain
I've learned my lesson
Come back and I'll never let you get away

I would do anything for my girls

I'll always remember cruising around the scene
Staying up all night waiting for the phone to ring
I wanted to hear their voices
I wanted to hear them sing
I wanted to know their hopes
I wanted to know their dreams
Track Name: Orange Fog
Another summer gone
I didn't take enough drugs

I want to see the world and slip away into the sun
Embracing the silhouette I will become
Every time I inhale it feels like another dream is lost

Goodbye Summertime
Track Name: Freeze Frame and Roll Credits
I guess you got everything you could ever want
It's time to freeze the screen because this is the resolution
Come on
This is the end